FPR Bristol, Fully Independent Public Access Radio for Bristol & the UK

FPR Bristol provides unique content for unique audiences, submitted, broadcast and performed by the public.


Based in Bristol, by design our content is exclusive and contemporary. We strive to find and share content unique to our station and our listeners, whilst remaining entertaining and engaging.


Check our schedule for playing times of special broadcasts, regular shows, features or non-stop music.

Getting involved with FPR Bristol.

Volunteering with Us

If you have a passion for radio, media, discussion, design, politics, art or anything else and would like to volunteer with FPR Bristol the only requirement is enthusiasm so get in touch and we can get you involved. We are always grateful for new team members and are equally grateful to hear from you so feel free to enquire about getting involved.

Getting yourself heard on FPR Bristol.

Broadcasting with Us

Should you wish to play your audio, music, content or podcasts, or if you would like to broadcast a live show, then contact us and we can help get you heard on FPR Bristol.

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