Goodwin Sands Radiogram (Produced by Ben Horner)


The Goodwin Sands Radiogram is a podcast featuring tales from the people of south-east Kent, England. A pirate broadcast to the mainland from a wrecked vessel in the English Channel, this is beautifully hand-crafted storytelling with a twist.


Goodwin Sands Radiogram is a series of 30 minute podcasts about the lives of people in the south east corner of England. Part ethnography and part radio art experiment, it was conceived in August 2014 and began broadcasting on 25th January 2016.


Episodes are available through this website, on the project's Facebook page, via iTunes, Stitcher and a host of other podcasting sites and apps. Back



Sun 11:30-12:00

Sat 11:30-12:00 (Repeat)

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