Gregster Brown (part of the Drastic Cuts series)


Lounge music from exotic to classic and club music from deep to trippy is what I love to play, also some swing, bigbeats, triphop, bossanova or edgy sixties/seventies, depending on the venue - I do prefer rooftops, lofts, lounges, lobbies, cellars, garages or plain techno clubs to play my music selection.


My music interest started in the early 90ties with the unraveling UK Rave scene, my favorite bands at the time being Renegade Soundwave, Happy Mondays, The Orb, The Shamen, Leftfield and the early Prodigy.


1997 I bought two Technics MK1210 record players (still have them) and started buying electronic beats'n'breaks vinyls and some jungle, picking up on an early flirt with hiphop and artists like NWA, PARIS, Hijack, Silver Bullet but also influenced by dance bands like Renegade Soundwave, PWEI, EMF, Jesus Jones or the infamous Sheep on Drugs. With the likes of Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim becoming popular, I finally had a name for the sound I was playing and looking for in record stores wherever I was - Bigbeats. Today I love to play all sorts of music, from classic lounge to trippy club music.



Gregster Brown

Sat (first of each month) 12:00-13:00


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