The Morning Show (with Smithy & Sofi)


The Morning Show 9-11am on FPR Bristol is the daily instalment of post-rush-hour kick-start for anyone slumbering at home, sitting upright in the office or sipping coffee slowly in a cafe somewhere in Bristol or beyond.


Join Smithy and Sofi for a rundown of the daily headlines and general goings on with “What's on Where & When Can We Go There?”; we find reason to cheer in the National Days being celebrated around the world.


There is our take on interpersonal fake news with “Smithy & Sofi’s Sweet Little Lies”, we discuss hypothetical philosophy with a “Would you Rather” and have a mystery quote-off in “Say Whaaat?”


There’s the analysis of the press headlines in “Pointless Papercuts” from 10am and of course music, mild-mannered mayhem and culturally permissible interludes to bright up your morning. Back


The Morning Show with Smithy & Sofi

Weekdays 09:00-11:00

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