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I’ve been making music for a hot UK min, working with a variety of artists and enjoying it. Mostly underground stuff but slowly reaching the surface.

I make mostly make Hip-Hop music and sometimes dip into the electronic realm with a more melodic sound, I think it comes from listening to a lot of Ninja tunes stuff, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Buda Bar, Hotel Costes, Funk, Disco, I could go on for days, but I won’t… All these sounds have been a big influence in the music I make.


I mostly grew up on funk reggae, raga, Pop and 90’s Hip-Hop as soon as I could catch what MC’s were saying, I was hooked.

I like to think of myself as more of a beatmaker than a DJ, but I agreed to do a show on Freeze Peach because I wanted to share my music interests, old and new, and at the same time incorporate some of my own music.


In these shows you’ll hear a wide range of music, but the common interest that they have with each other is that thy have soul, just like James brown said, something you can feel, that provokes some kind of emotion, I’m all about Vibes.


Look out for more music coming out of my Label: Cypher Crew Entertainment


And keep up to date with me and other artists I work with @ www.whodiniz.com





Whodiniz in the Mix

Fri 19:00-20:00

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